So, two months ago I sat on the phone talking to my best friend, who happens to live in Africa. We don't talk everyday, though I wish we did, but when we do talk she almost always kicks my butt with truth and loves me with a relentless love. She believes in me consistently and is probably one of my top two biggest fans! I'm not sure why she believes in me, because out of everyone in the world she knows the most dirt on me and has seen me in my very worst. And truth be told, she logically should have no reason to believe in me or a reason to love me. And with all of that said, that just goes to show a little of her character, she loves like Jesus, constantly and without faulting. So, now that I have written an entire paragraph about her, although this post isn't really about her character, but more so about what she said to me, two months ago.

She said to me, "I think you need to begin to pray and rethink your business. Figure out what you are doing and God will give you direction."

So, for the past two months I have completely gone dark on all of my social media accounts, no pictures, no posts, no events that I have worked on have even been mentioned. And while nothing new has been seen of my work for Amy Marie Events, what has happened, is I have gained a new insight for how God has shaped the vision and desire for Amy Marie Events in my heart and life.

What I have realized is that there are events that I experience every single day of my life. Events are not just a wedding, or a corporate party but they are in the simple dinner that I place on my dining room table, they are my daughters birthday party, they are the capturing of fireflies as the sun sets behind my family playing in our yard. So, while I will share and capture the families and individuals who invite me into their lives to plan events for them, I will just as much celebrate and enjoy the daily events with my family and friends.

It's time for a reset and the reset has happened. There have been so many changes in my life in the past three years. My heart has been broken so many times, divorce has happened, I have stepped away from something I spent years building, I have lost some of the people that have been the very closest to. I have been diagnosed with cancer, I have moved to a new place, with new friends, I have stepped into my business solely and through it all I have seen Jesus bless me in ways that I will never understand. And today, as I write this blog I am in awe of newest and most amazing blessing that I get to share with you all and that is that I have found the one whom my heart desires. He loves me with a selfless, kind, gentle, patient and generous love. He reminds me of Jesus everyday. This man not only loves me but he loves my daughters as his own and desires to spend his life with me. So, here's to the reset: the reset of all things! Here's to a new home, a new family, a new business, a new life that is rooted in the amazing love of Jesus!!

WE said YES!!! Because he couldn't just ask me, he had to ask us all!

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