How to Preserve Your Wedding Memories

As a mom of three girls and a wedding planner, my girls are constantly surrounded by all things weddings! So, even at their young ages they are beginning to plan their own weddings. And whether your mom is a wedding planner or not, you have probably been planning your wedding for a very long time and wish it could last so much longer then the few hours it takes place on a day. Well, I have some great tips to preserve your wedding memories, so you can live in them daily for as long as you like. Flowers wilt and cakes get eaten, but the wedding day doesn't have to be the last time you see these special items. Just imagine how wonderful it would feel to glance over to your wedding flowers long after the day has passed and see them perfectly preserved.


Now ya'll know that I absolutely LOVE flowers!! I could arrange flowers all day if given the chance. Each flower arrangement I do is as unique as the couple it represents. But they don't have to be only used on the wedding day. Here are some great tips on how to preserve your wedding flowers.

  1. Press them - select the ones you want to keep and lay them in between two layers of parchment paper in the pages of a heavy book for at least 10 days.

  2. Air dry them - Gather up the stems and tie them together, and then hang upside down. Check back on them in a few weeks to make sure fully dried out.

  3. Preserve in Silica Gel - The material is like sand, and can be found at any craft store. Form a base to support your flowers, set desired flowers in silica, and pour silica around to completely cover the flowers. This should be done slowly in an airtight container with a lid. It will take about a week to preserve. Once done spray with an artist's fixative or even hairspray to keep shape.

  4. Send the flowers out to be professionally preserved - this option can cost hundreds, and needs to be reserved prior to the wedding.


There are so many options for how to display your flowers after they are preserved. Pressed flowers can be placed between panes of glass for display. Dried flowers can be still even kept in a vase to enjoy on the shelf. Shadow boxes also make a nice statement with your wedding flowers. I've seen some gorgeous ones filled with flowers and a wedding photo or the wedding date. You could also fill a glass ornament with your flowers to have each Christmas. Another option that saves even the preservation step is to make a paperweight or jewelry with your fresh flowers with epoxy resin. Resin and molds can be ordered online or found at craft stores. Check out some of the molds I found online here. Usually with resin you'd fill the mold halfway and then arrange your flowers as you like, and then cover with more resin. Once set, remove the mold and voila!


You may have only tried on one or two dresses and found the perfect fit, or you may have been a bride who went to five stores and tried on every dress on the shelf. Regardless, that dress made you feel beautiful! That dress is so special and showed your husband an extremely beautiful and confident lady as you wowed him at first sight that day. My favorite dress remembrance idea was to turn a piece of it into a necklace, so you can wear a piece of your wedding with you everyday. Here are some more great ideas of what to do with your dress after the big day has passed.

More wedding dress ideas:

  • Wreck the dress shoot - get dirty - splatter paint - more photo fun with the hubs

  • Save for a future daughter to use on her big day (best to get professionally preserved)

  • Turn it into a christening outfit

  • Turn it into a gown that can be worn for a date night out. Shorten it or give it a color change!


Your wedding vows are a personal promise that you made publicly before the eyes of God and all of your family and friends. These promises whether traditional, for better or worse to love and cherish, or funny like vowing to do the dishes and never go to bed angry, are a symbol of your life together. A great way to showcase these vows would be with a photo of you two from your wedding day. Each time you walk past these vows you will be reminded of the promises you made and the love that you share. This also goes for your first dance song lyrics as well. This song was chosen because it represents your love story and what you mean to each other. You shared a sweet private moment while you danced in front of all of your guests to this chosen song. I know anytime I hear my first dance song it puts a smile on my face, so seeing it framed with a wedding picture would brighten my day as well.


I still have a pile of cards that I've kept because I'm sentimental like that. To me cards are precious snap shots in time that show peoples thoughts and feelings. With cards I've seen people hole punch the top and bottom corner and lace string through to make a booklet and preserve all the sweet notes family and friends left you. Or if you're feeling crafty they have large whole punchers in shapes like hearts and hexagons that you can use to take parts of each card and make a collage to display in your home.


It is often customary for couples to save the top tier of the wedding cake, and freeze it to be enjoyed on the first anniversary. I say let them eat cake and instead opt to go to the same bakery that made your sweet treat and get a fresh cake or cupcakes made for your first anniversary. I thought this idea was super cute! Turn your wedding cake into an ornament for your Christmas tree. There are a few companies that do it, but I thought these were impressive on etsy. She actually sculpts tiny replicas of cakes out of clay and they are so well done!!


Almost all of these ideas you could make on your own, but for folks looking for a sentimental anniversary gift to give your husband or wife anyone of these could earn major brownie points. Your wedding day was the first day of the rest of your life together, so why not cherish the little moments you shared.

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