How To Have a Successful Styled Shoot

Summer is here, hoorayyyy! I thought this would be a great opportunity to review the Spring Styled shoots we had the pleasure to take part in. We were very busy this past Spring! I'd also love to share some of my tips on how to have a successful styled shoot, and why you should do them if you're in the wedding or event industry. Let's get started!!

Modern Elegance

The romantic feel to a wedding is as much created by the venue backdrop as the talented photographer. Jamie Dunn has a sultry feel to her photography. There is such mood and elegance to each image captured. It's almost as if you're spying on the couple as you take a peak inside their personal world. The romantic details were further portrayed in rich colors and soft velvet table settings. The taper candles have their own air of sophistication as they tower above the carefully set table. Each piece having a purpose, but looking as if they had always been together. The deep blue and green color palette in the table coupled with the rich burgundy in the florals only elevate the decor. Your guests would be mesmerized by the food and the sights that Dover Hall provided as a back drop. Lastly, Kadi Bakes desserts are not your typical cakes, they are truly masterpieces. Each cake is created with a careful eye for detail as her passion is to create something completely unique for each client. This styled shoot was bold and elegant, but had a truly timeless modern vibe to it.

Photography - Jamie Dunn Photography

Planner/Florist - Amy Marie Events

Venue - Dover Hall

Stationary - Letterful

Furniture/silverware/glass - Rent-E-Quip

Plates - Emerson James Rental

Make Up - Jordan Simpson MUA

Dessert - Kadi Bakes - Wedding & Event Customer Cakery

Main Dishes - Chef Lee @ Dover Hall Estate

Bohemian Bold

There was definitely big vision behind this shoot and we all worked together to make it happen! From the beautifully and skillfully handwritten sign and invitation suite to the clean and simplistic spaces of Upper Shirley Vineyards, this shoot was sure to be a show stopper. I love how big and bold the florals, decor, and details like the amazing jewelry from Liberatus all flowed together and looked so effortless. The golden velvet table runner tied beautifully to the rich color of the poppies in the arrangements. Softness and whimsical was also brought in with pampas grass and tropical greenery in the large arrangements. Each piece came together to make a greater whole. We played on opposites like the bold, golden tablescape with the softness of macrame details beautifully crafted from Dandelion and Lily. Cohesion and an artistic flair even flowed into the golden flecks of makeup gracing the brides cheeks provided by Caked by Caly. So smart!! Not to mention how the groom rocked this larger than life flower crown! This shoot exuded a carefree artistic vibe, and The Gernands captured every frame with style. Every moment brought to life to tell a story, show their style, and express the love shared. Upper Shirley Vineyards was the perfect venue for this shoot with a multitude of options for locations that only added more depth and coolness to the vibe we were looking for.

Photographer - The Gernands

Planner/Florist - Amy Marie Events

Venue - Upper Shirley Vineyards

Hair/Makeup - Caked by Caly

Jewelry - Liberatus Jewelry

Rug Rental - Paisley and Jade

Furniture/Tableware - Rent E-Quip

Macrame - Dandelion and Lily

Calligraphy - Letterful

Dress - Caryns Bridals

Anniversary Love Fest

What a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary than to put on your wedding dress, drive to your wedding venue, pamper yourself and get dolled up to celebrate your love story! We wanted to keep things light and airy for this shoot, as if they could float away together on a dreamy cloud. Everything from the tableware to the floral arrangements feels crisp and clean and exudes modern simplicity. The Barn at Edgewood was the perfect backdrop to accomplish the elegant bohemian feel that this bride had been dreaming of. David and Sarah Lynn Photography captured every detail beautifully! White elegance and dusty rose highlighted this couples romantic personality, while the details from Rent E Quip brought to life the style exactly as imagined.

Photographer - David and Sarah Lynn

Event Design/Florals - Amy Marie Events

Venue - Barn at Edgewood

Rentals - Rent E- Quip

Hair - Studio three two one

Makeup - Elizabeth Wilson Makeup

Mountain Elopement

Everything about this shoot screams carefree and love! I mean we were on top of a mountain!!! And yes, she hiked over a mile in that dress! What a pay off though, don't you think? These pictures tell a wonderful story of their connection. And that view!!! What's not to love about a mountain top elopement?!? You'd never know from these amazing pictures from Jamie Dunn that there were also three other photographers snapping away. Most people have a hard enough time looking natural with one photographer, but they rocked it! To see more amazing photos Jamie took from this beautiful mountain top checkout her blog at I love how this bride rocked hiking boots and barefoot too! The flowers chosen are loose and add to the carefree vibe we were going for. I wanted it to feel as if she picked this flowers on the way up the mountain.

Styled shoot tips

Find your tribe and love them hard! In any business the relationships you form are key, and particularly in the event industry. You want to work with people you can count on to wow your clients. I've been so blessed in my business relationships to find people who do AMAZING work! Find people who you want to work with and introduce yourself. Let them know what specifically you admire about them and their craft and you are bound to form relationships that matter to you and your clients.

The point of a styled shoot is to tell a story through the images captured. Make sure everyone is on the same page and have a clear idea what the vision is from the beginning. They are such a great way to be creative and try new things and new skills that you can showcase and later share with your clients. The sky is the limit when it comes to the vision. You can focus on current trends or take current ideas and make them your own by experimenting with new ideas. You can also think about the type of brides you want to attract and focus the theme on what they would like. A great way to keep everyone on task is to create a mood board of 15-20 images that show the style, color scheme, lighting, location, and theme. You can also show this to vendors you want to work with to pitch the idea of the shoot. After all, people will be lending their own time, and often spending money to take part in the shoot.

Just like any event that takes place there are things to prepare for to help diminish problems before they even happen. Some vendors choose to write a contract for the styled shoot with everything spelled out and everyone signing in agreement so there are no miscommunications of expectations. Another thing to think about is weather. Styled shoots are often held outdoors, so make sure there is a back up plan for poor weather. Can the shoot be moved indoors? Or will the date have to change? Lastly, the chemistry of the models is paramount!! I LOVE working with couples in real relationships because sometime you can't fake chemistry. I have also heard of people hiring models. Just do what's best for you, but you want to make sure the person or people being photographed are actually photogenic! You can have the best plan in the world but if the "model" just stands there awkwardly then it's all for waste and you wouldn't gain anything from sharing the images.

So, why should you do a styled shoot? Time is money as they say and you are giving your time and often spending money for goods to shoot. The styled shoot is a showcase of the work you do. It can be shared with prospective clients as examples of your abilities. You get to use the images usually for marketing and social media. Lastly, it is such a great way to network and form relationships with vendors in the industry that you get to work with.

Teamwork is key!! Who said work can't be fun?!?

They say if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life! I think that is so true!! I absolutely love florals and event design. I am truly blessed with all the great vendors and couples I get to work with. We strive for excellence for every component from every detail and angle and I think each one of these shoots helped me flourish. So the next time you're asked to do a styled shoot...go for it!! They are a lot of fun and you meet some great people along the way.

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