A Hidden Gem

There's a small gem in Hartfield, Virginia, one you may have never heard of. A gem that can be enjoyed by all ages, that at times will leave you breathless, and of course, you will always be wanting to return! What is this gem?! Well, it's CAMP PIANKATANK

And if you've never heard of Camp Piankatank, I'm not surprised, it's truly in the middle of nowhere. Although, it is in the middle of nowhere, what you will experience there is life changing.

This summer I had the honor of being their Summer Camp Event Planner! Now you may be wondering, "why would a camp hire an event planner?" Let me tell you.

Camp Piankatank hired me because they are passionate about kids knowing that Jesus loves them, that He died for their sins, and that living a life as a Christian is a fun life. We spent hours planning "parties" for every week of camp and weekend retreats that were unique, engaging, messy, fun and of course, always lead them to Jesus.

It was a summer that I will never forget and I know that this is the beginning of something big!! I can't wait until next YEAR!!

For more information about Camp Piankatank visit:

Photos: Jamie Dunn,