8 Ways to Have an Interactive Wedding

On your wedding day you will be celebrating the love between you and your partner to be! You will also likely be inviting a large amount of family and friends to share in your joy. Often times at weddings there is down time to mingle, and time between the ceremony and cocktail hour. This time is a great opportunity to treat your guests to fun activities that you can also enjoy as well. I highly recommend using and Pinterest to their fullest to find ideas, already made unique items, and free printables. In fact everything in the post was found on both of those sites. Here are some great tips on how to make an interactive wedding for both you and your guests.

Unique Guest Book

The guest book is a great tool to share the style of your event, but also to have a visual tally of who enjoyed your wedding day with you. It's always nice to have a handwritten note as a keepsake from somebody you love whether friend or family. When looking for ideas I think this guest coloring board was my favorite. Your guests will be able to color sketches to represent them on your big day standing with you. They can also sign below or write a quick note. It comes with 100 pre-sketched people. Click the picture to see how it works. Here's some more ideas below to inspire you for ideas.

  • Sign a Painting

  • Sign a bottle of wine to be shared on your first anniversary

  • Snap a Polaroid - what's old is new always

  • Sign hearts or puzzle pieces

  • Have them fill out favorite memory cards, or offer advice for a long lasting marriage

Table Activities

Most of the time at weddings you can find stations with fun memory ideas for the couple. You will enjoy looking back at these moments and special thoughts from your guests long after the big day. Some people like to take it seriously, and some friends (you know who you are) have a little too much fun with these. A lot of these activities could also be made into your guest book if you weren't looking for just names.

  • Date Jar

  • Bucket List for Bride and Groom

  • Words of Wisdom

  • Advise or Love Quote Coasters

  • Time capsule with notes to read on your anniversary

  • Wed-libs (ya'll remember madlibs right?)

Photo Booth

These have been all the rage in years past and definitely are fun to do and look at when the booze starts flowing. There's a few ways you can kick it up a notch to wow your guests. You know I'm obsessed with florals so I really like the floral inspired ones, but I've seen guests have a blast with the high-tech ones too.

  • Hire a high tech one where you can write on the image- graffiti or Neon LIghts

  • Props for fun or your theme

  • An artsy backdrop

  • A rental old bus, trolly or retro minivan

Wedding Photos

Who doesn't love a good photo and hashtag for that matter. Posting a sign with your wedding's hashtag is a great way for you to see all the little moments of your event. The day goes by so fast and after the event you'll be able to see all the fun your guests had, and hopefully some great snaps of you two as well. You could use signs for the hashtag in combination with a photo I spy. I found this I spy as a free printable on Pinterest. With this you could also provide disposable cameras for guests too.

Dance For Me

Dancing and weddings go together just like peanut butter and jelly! There are usually the planned dances of the bridal party, but there's also some tried and true dances that will get your guests on the dance floor.

  • Dollar Dance - This dance is customary for a lot of cultures and a fun way to pad the pockets of the couple for their honeymoon. Basically you give a dollar or more to cut in and dance with the bride or groom.

  • Cha - Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle and the ever retro Electric Slide - who doesn't love a good line dance!

  • Anniversary Dance-Invite all the married couples on the dance floor for a slow dance, and announce those who have been married 1 day sit, then 1 year, then 5 years all the way to 50 if necessary to see who's been married the longest. It's a great way to honor marriage.

Yard Games

These are great activities in between the ceremony and reception if you're having an outdoor event! There are many to choose from and they are relatively affordable or easy enough to make in some cases.

  • Giant wooden Connect 4

  • Corn Hole Boards

  • Giant Wooden Jenga

  • Yard Dice

Entertain the Kiddos

Some people prefer an adults only party, but depending on the age group of most of the guests some will likely be wondering if kids are okay. Just like dress codes advise your guests what type of event you are having, so they can plan accordingly. The kids will love the yard games too, but having some fun at the "kids" table will be a great way to show care for your friends of those kids. The more entertained they are at the table the more Mom and Dad can enjoy your event as well. There are some great coloring table options out there. You can also provide lego boards and pieces to inspire the builders. As a parent myself, I thought the little pouches with crayons attached were a nice touch. There are plenty of free wedding themed coloring pages online as well.

Send off

Photo by Dustin Lewis Images

You've had your first kiss, and first dance as man and wife. You've shared a meal with your guests and hopefully the dance floor too! Now it's time to end the night with a bang and say goodbye to your guests. Just be mindful of the possible affects your send off items can have on any nearby animals or ecosystems. In the past rice was used a lot or even balloons, and they can possibly do harm. Send offs also make for great photo ops of you two. Here are some popular ideas that are fun for everyone.

  • Sparkelers

  • Lanterns

  • Bubbles

  • Flower toss

  • Neon glow sticks

  • Colored smoke plumes

I hope you've enjoyed these ideas as much as I enjoyed bringing them together for you. A wedding is a celebration, and they don't have to be stuffy. You're guests will be talking about all the fun they had and that is one of the best gifts you can ask for when throwing the party of your life! If you or someone you know needs help organizing a wedding to impress I'd be happy to sit down and help find fun ideas that match your style.

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