For years, Amy Marie Events existed only as a dream in my heart and mind.  I would imagine myself designing beautiful floral arrangements, lining up bridal parties to head down the wedding aisle, pinning boutonnieres upon suits, helping brides into their dresses, and planning elaborate parties that would cause their guests to gasp with excitement.  Flashes of these scenes would take over my thought life while I was mundanely washing the dishes or driving to work.  Never would I have ever imagined that my dreams could actually come true.  That is until one day when a friend asked me why they couldn't.  I tried to come up with answers but truthfully, the only reason that I could legitimately conjure up was simply that I was too scared.  Dreams are often missed out on because we are not willing to take the chance, we aren't willing to ask the tough and awkward questions but more than anything because we aren't willing to believe that they can come true. 

For me, being scared wasn't a good enough reason to not chase my dream. So now, five years later I am living my dreams every day. And my hope as the owner and lead designer of Amy Marie Events is that I would have the blessing of helping others chase their dreams as well.  Because life is meant to be celebrated and parties are meant to be had.  We can dream up the most elaborate celebrations, moments in history that people would dare not forget but how often are we willing to believe that the moments we dream COULD actually come true.  I often get to work with clients that think so big and so crazy that they look at me and say... "I don't think this can happen but..." and they are always surprised to hear me say "I think it can, let's see what we can do."  Those are the moments I live for, the moments that challenge my faith.  As I lead this company and dream big dreams, I want more than anything to see my client's dreams come true.  Whether I'm planning a simple mountain-top elopement, an elaborate wedding at one of the finest venue's or designing the wildest and unique corporate party that will still be my passion and desire. 

What once started out as a dream of one little woman has now become a dream of a team. 

Amy Polezhaev
Owner, Creative Director and Lead Designer

Kind, Thoughtful, Talented

"Amy did such a beautiful job at my wedding! She is such a genuine person and such a hard worker! She made my day so special! She worked hard to include things that I absolutely wanted in my wedding and made it look beautiful at the same time! If you are looking for a kind, thoughtful and most importantly, talented wedding planner look no further than Amy! She will make sure your day is beyond your wildest dreams!"

Caroline Blake